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In addition to conventions and trade shows, Expo Plant Service, Inc. can provide decorations for corporate events, weddings and individual booths. We are equipped to offer you a complete range of plant and floral arrangements and services and because we have such a wide variety of options, we will definitely be able to meet your needs and deliver the satisfaction that you are looking for.


We only use healthy living plants because they create the best and most stylistic business environment. Our products and design achieve an outstanding appearance and reflect the quality of your exhibit. All plant materials are dispatched fresh, mossed and glossed in decorative containers and are quality-checked for freshness and beauty. We want to ensure longevity and excellence which is why we meticulously maintain all of the plants we install.


At Expo Plant Service, Inc. we offer the products our clients want in a efficient and timely delivery manner and are always courteous when handling requests. We understands the balance between creativity and service, something that has allowed us become the company we are today. Our objective is to maintain the highest level of the exhibitors satisfaction and we constantly strive for perfection.

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